What is DTCircle?

DTCircle is an ecosystem based on Blockchain, created to get the most out of BIG DATA, the data generated by each member, considered as the oil of the 21st century. Aware of this value, DTCircle will not only offer the experience within this world, but will also provide real economic benefit through the possession of Token DTCircle and DTCoins. This ecosystem is able to offer its users tools to interact, communicate, learn and shop.

How does DTCircle collect data from its users?

DTCircle is developing an Artificial Intelligence technology linked to the most advanced Blockchain system, collecting data generated through: DTLife, BlockchainPhone, the messaging app Whisper and the browser extension DTCircle.

All products and services of the DTCircle ecosystem are exclusively distributed by SPM srl under the Ushare brand.

DT Circle

Blockchain Phone


Browser Extension

DTCircle Blockchain

DTCircle uses Blockchain in Quared technology (proprietary technology born from the evolution of Quorum, already used by Microsoft and JP Morgan). The Blockchain is composed of decentralized “Nodes” that contribute to its operation and data flow management and certification activities.

The main features of Blockchain QUARED are:

  • Decentralized and Distributed Data Management

  • Super Fast Operations (20,000 Transactions Per Second)

  • Crypto ID support

  • Low power consumption

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What is TOKEN DTCircle?

The Token is in fact a “brick” of the entire infrastructure and all the applications useful for data acquisition. As well as the nodes of a Blockchain, the Token is awarded for the management and certification of operations. This award, or commission, is equal to 30% of the company’s revenue from the sale of data generated within the DTCircle ecosystem. Owning the Token means you are an integral part of the infrastructure, so you have the benefit from it.

How is the Token value determined?

The value of Token is related to the expansion of the infrastructure, in terms of the technologies used and the amount of data generated. It is therefore easy to guess that the more data acquisition technologies will be introduced, the more the structure will grow and consequently also the Token value (the amount of which is limited).

Launched in pre-sale at the value of 1.00 euro, the have already reached a value of 8.50 euro. In the near future, once the pre-sale phase is over, the possibility to exchange Tokens through dedicated platforms is expected.

What is DTCoin?

Since its birth DTCoin wanted to be different. A currency born with the purpose of protecting and increasing its value and not for speculative or trading use. A currency that can be used within a large ecosystem and can be spent in the stores affiliated with DTCoin.

In the past the currency was linked to the gold standard, a monetary system in which the monetary base is given by a fixed amount of gold. Until then, the currency had a real countervalue: DTCoin has recreated this concept.

The DTCoin is a Cryptocurrency that has the peculiarity of having a value ALWAYS GROWING over time, designed to be used as a tool for the exchange of goods and services within the DTCircle ecosystem.

Its value is mainly based on the BIG DATA generated, which can be purchased by the companies concerned by payment in DTCoin; this means that they will have to purchase DTCoin on its reference platform, thus supporting the exchanges.

Grafico di Bitcoin da Settembre 2017 a Dicembre 2019: tanti picchi ma molti forti cali. Scegliere DT Coin invece è sinonimo di sicurezza!Grafico di DT Coin in meno di tre anni al lancio sul mercato: da 1,49 euro fino al prezzo attuale di circa 35 euro!

The graph shows the trend of DTCoin and Bitcoin in the last two years. Let’s analyze the differences.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with a very volatile value, determined simply by “supply and demand” and as can be seen from the graph alternating moments of growth followed by very close moments of strong descent.

What distinguishes DTCoin from most of the cryptocurrencies on the market, is the peculiarity of being costantly growing, NEVER LOSING VALUE. The graph does not only show a period when the value was growing, but it is the actual trend of the cryptocurrency, from its introduction on the market until today. All this is made possible by a particular algorithm and the company asset, BIG DATA generated in DTCircle and sold to companies for advertising purposes.

What if DTLife?

DTLife is the first social network that pays the user for its actions and interactions (currently in Beta version).

From today to click like, share posts, comment, upload photos, videos and much more we will be paid.

Why? As we have already said, each interaction provides a useful data, which is the BIG DATA market. Each of our actions within this social has a value, which is evaluated according to the interactions generated. In the settings we will find a table to find out how much our earnings will be for each interaction.

What is BlockchainPhone?

Check your smartphone is the first thing that 74% of the population of the industrialized world does as soon as it wakes up. Today the phone has become an extension of our body and we can not imagine doing without it, both in our private and working lives. The goal is to allow each person to profit from the data generated using their BlockchainPhone.

Imagine that, every day, each of your online sharing and interaction generates an income; All your personal browsing and search results are protected (with a Blockchain protocol) and for the first time you will be paid for the data you decide to share.

The BlockchainPhone is currently under development and production, and will be launched by the company by October 28, 2020, is currently bookable at a pre-launch price directly from the site.

Blockchain Phone

How does Whisper works?

Whisper is an encrypted peer-to-peer messaging application that allows users to choose whether to share information (which remains encrypted anyway) within different chats.

If the user chooses to open a peer-to-peer chat with messages that he doesn’t want to share with the company, the content of the messages will be decoded only by the recipient; in this case the user will have to make sure to have enough space inside the memory of his device, because that will be the only place where the content of the chat will be saved.

If the user chooses to open a new public chat (thus choosing to share the content with the company), everything is saved on the application’s server, and the content will be used to customize the experience between the ecosystem applications (just like with Google, Facebook and Amazon advertisements) and the crypto-ID profiling.

Uup - DTCircle Official Messaging Application

How does the Browser extension works?

The company will soon release an extension to install in your favorite browser, which allows you to specify which type of data you want to share or not while browsing, preserving all sensitive data and passwords in a protected and inviolable environment. The extension will be available for both Desktop and Mobile versions of the most popular browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and many others. In this way the user will continue to use their favorite browser, without having to change their habits or adapt to a new system. Once activated, the DTCircle extension will register (based on the choices made by the user in an easy and understandable way) the search queries, the pages visited and the user’s habits, adding them to the Crypto-ID profile together with the sales data.

How can i spend DTCoin?

SYou can spend through Ubuyup International loyalty and payment circuit in DTCoin, innovative promotional and marketing tool developed on advanced technology platform, proprietary, with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

The meeting point between buyers and sellers, an App designed user friendly to allow any user, of all ages and digital skills, to use it regularly. The service is available since 10 June 2018, having now more than 300 activities and thousands of users.

Through Ubuyup app you can manage digital currency in a simple and fast way, directly from your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to Ubuyup you can quickly locate the stores where you can pay with DTCOIN.

DT Pay

Where can i exchange DTCoin?

FMC is the first peer-to-peer market where you can exchange your DTCoins with other users who want to buy or exchange them, in a completely anonymous way, it is also an extremely intuitive platform, suitable for people with little experience in the cryptocurrency market.

FMC introduces a new way to create purchasing power to a Cryptocurrency, through a special mathematical algorithm combined with four main areas.

Forced Market Cap: the official DT Coin exchange
Compra e Vendi DT Coin direttamente sull'Exchange FMC o spendili attraverso l'app DT Pay!



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